A Letter from Romdeau

Uma pequena redação em inglês que acabei de fazer na prova do curso de inglês. .-.
Se houver algum erro gramatical, desculpe, o texto não foi corrigido pelo professor ainda. Para os que entenderem, ótimo, para os que não entenderem, desculpe novamente. .-.

In another world, there's a place called Romdeau City. This place is inuque and strange. The people of there are gentle and have good behavior. The scenes are breathtaking with waterfalls in the South and cliffs and valleys in the North.
At night the roads and paths are too foggy and slippery for someone to go out at their houses. And the lush jungle keeps a mysteryous secret.
I was wondering if you, earthians, could come here. I think you, earthians, would have to convince the queen, who we love more than our lifes, to get the permission.
But anyway, if I were you, earthians, thank the queen I'm not, I wouldn't get so excited with this point. You know, you are not really the people who she is looking for. Don't ask me for what. I don't know. I'm just writing this, but you aren't anyway.
So, that's it. Bye.

besitos niños, ;* {que mistura de idiomas nisso *o*}

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